efforts against gravity

** NEW BOOK ** Cloudship Press is nothing if not slooooow. We finished printing a new book this time last year at the amazing ecodesign ecoprint (with carbon-neutral biomass on 100% recycled paper!) & have been quietly cutting & folding away ever since.

efforts against gravity / pyristelyjä painovoimaa vastaan (2020) is a rather complex mini-concertina-flip number straight out of the ice-age Finnish metsä (forest) which does away with any stitch binding – not that we saved any in time lol.

There’s a tiny stack of all 50 copies now up on the website here & ready to go, launch will be at our favourite de facto HQ Frontyard Projects in Marrickville early in the new year ~ stay tuned 📡❄️🛳

shown here with Making Time for scale, a few copies of that still around btw if anyone wants ‘em!

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