** NEW BOOK ** Cloudship Press is nothing if not slooooow. We finished printing a new book this time last year at the amazing ecodesign ecoprint (with carbon-neutral biomass on 100% recycled paper!) & have been quietly cutting & folding away ever since. efforts against gravity / pyristelyjä painovoimaa vastaan (2020) is a rather complex…

Join us at the Other Worlds zine fair, 2020 special online Covid edition! The digital Town Hall is pretty great, complete with imrov gig in the toilet and Vanessa Berry’s podcast feature in the kitchen. Launched May 31, still up until who knows when..

Join us at the end of one more Frontyard residency to finally launch the book!!***! There will be a small tower of hand-sewn books available (for the pre-launch price of $55), things to eat and drink, and original drawings for sale. Frontyard Projects 228 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville Saturday 28 April 3-5pm

It’s time!

Making Time (the book) is here! After months of drawing, planning, layer separating and risograph-whispering, all 112 pages, 100 copies, are officially printed! We’re now cutting, folding and sewing each book together. A handful are ready to go out and the rest we’ll be completing to order. It’s an edition of 100, so if you…


Welcome to Cloudship Press. We’re just setting up this website, so apologies if you come across loose ends or glitches. Our first book, about the making time project, will be available here very soon. xx